move over coffee test


spent Christmas eve at my folks place and prefer to sleep in their basement. it’s quiet and I can get into a lot more trouble down there, but most importantly, it’s nice and cool. as opposed to the rest of the house which feels as though it’s kept at a balmy 152 degrees.

before calling it a night, headed upstairs to fill up my glass of water and that’s when my mom goes, “it smells like an animal came in the house. do you smell that?”

I was like, no

then said good night and started walking back downstairs.

as I descended the stairs, it hit me like a bag of bricks.

it smelled like a straight up skunk thanks to the trees I had just puffed.

so, my mom def doesn’t have Covid.



Lalochezia Cachina

a little spice, a little ice, a latte sweet, and down for a good beat.